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Welcome friends. This site is a community of like minded travel enthusiasts. A place to share stories, lessons and ideas.

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I'm pretty sure I have messed up every time I have crossed a border. Not intentionally or in a drug running kind of way; but more in a...


When we took our maiden voyage in our first motorhome we had no idea about boondocking. It just so happened we ended up in the epicenter...

How did it begin?

I used to be your typical vacationer. Take my 7 day all inclusive trip to a beautiful destination and be waited on hand and foot, lay on...

Run for the Border(s)

Our first trip to Mexico with the 5th wheel was planned with insanity; induced from Covid restriction cabin fever. I went berserk with...

Traveling & Internet

I kid you not when I say we have spent thousands of dollars on trying to stay connected with the world and entertaining ourselves on...

Apps to Die for

There are some very intelligent, savvy, organized travelers in this world. Most of the time; I am not one of them. Luckily for me, I have...

Baja to Crowsnest

It was time to hit the road again. After 6 months of cactus and sand I was ready for some new scenery. I was sad to leave my dogs that...

Three times the charm

We have had 3 campers in our lifetime. I have named them all according to their specific characteristics. The first was a truck camper...

Really? A travel blog?

I’ve always been a nomadic person. I’ve also always been impulsive; up for an adventure at a moments notice. Plan? Who needs one of...

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