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Really? A travel blog?

I’ve always been a nomadic person. I’ve also always been impulsive; up for an adventure at a moments notice. Plan? Who needs one of those? We will figure it out as we go! My friends over the years have joined me and/or encouraged this behavior in whatever way worked at the time. This has resulted in some great stories and epic adventures that I fully plan on sharing with you.

In more recent years my husband has been the pilot on our journey’s. I come up with a ridiculous idea and he makes it happen. I say I want to ride our motorcycles to the Redwoods in California in the middle of fall from Canada; he leads the way. Just so you know; 10 years ago my husband told me in no uncertain terms that he had zero desire to travel and today he is homeless and travel is a way of life. How time changes hey? Never say never honey.

At this time in our life we have been living in our camper for over a year now. Professionally “NFA”. It’s exciting and challenging and boy have we learned a thing or two! We seem to need to learn our lessons the hard way but in our defense I have coined a phrase specific to full time travel “You don’t know till you know”

In one year we have traveled from one side of Canada to the other, zig-zagged across the United Sates, and boogied into the Baja Peninsula. All in the middle of a pandemic; you know because we like our lives extra frustrating with a side of “WTF?” It has been an amazing journey with some crazy learning curves, a healthy dose of what can only be described as insanity and learning to go with the flow.

Not only did our living situation change drastically in the last year; life continued as well. We dealt with personal challenges and health issues all while navigating life in a country where we did not speak the language. We had doubts about our life decisions and struggled to assimilate into a truly nomadic lifestyle. This way of life is not easy. And it is not for the faint of heart. But if you stick with it; I can guarantee you, life will change.

This blog is a result of years of travel, in different forms; and it will continue to grow and change. It developed due to a desire to document these stories. Sitting around a campfire telling stories is not my style; my neurodivergent brain cannot keep a single path and I will go from talking about a trip to Key West with a girlfriend and digress into that time I blacked out in Domican; leaving my poor listener confused and questioning my mental stability. Who needs that right? When I write I can avoid the verbal diarrhea and it puts my 5 years of post secondary schooling and student loans to good use.

Anyways; I hope you enjoy the growth of this blog. It will not follow a linear path but rather jump through the time and space continuum like a drunk rabbit.

Enjoy the ride.

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